Freeport TX Fishing Charters


The Best Fishing Charter in the Gulf Coast!

Deep Sea Fishing

Freeport, Texas has always been known as the best Deep Sea Fishing on The Texas Gulf Coast. Quick deep-water access of the Freeport Coast Line renders shorter boat rides, and longer fish catching time for the ultimate Deep Sea Fishing Experience! Enjoy the thrill of reeling in the big fish on one of our Freeport Deep Sea Fishing charters.

Each charter is carefully planned to help maximize your time on the water. As a result, you’ll enjoy the open waters and salty sea air while having the opportunity to catch some of the largest fish in the Gulf of Mexico.

At Freeport Texas Fishing Charters, you’ll experience deep sea fishing in style.  Giant Red Snapper, Kingfish, Mahi, Ling, Tuna and more at a very affordable price. Our Freeport Fishing Guides will put you on the fish. Looking for convenience? Lodging is available, and boat will pick you up from your back porch.

Inshore Fishing

The Back Lakes and Bays of Freeport, Texas offer some great shallow water fishing for redfish, speckled trout, flounder, white trout, sheepshead, drum and more. If you are looking for a calm, peaceful back lakes fishing trip, try an inshore fishing trip with our Freeport Fishing Guides. The serenity of the back lakes and bayous along with the beautiful wildlife that call these areas home is a great way to get away for a morning or evening of fish catching fun.

Alligators, migratory birds, and the occasional coyote, bob cat, or even white tail deer that may be lurking along the banks of these marshes and is sure to make your fishing trip memorable. Our Freeport Fishing Guides have fished these waters their entire lives, and are sure to put you in the right spot for some fish catching action.

Whether you prefer to fish with live bait, artificial, fish out of the boat or even hop out and wade the grassy shorelines – we have a trip that is right for you. Familiesand Kids are always welcome and encouraged. Our Kid Friendly Freeport Fishing Guides will show your family a trip they will never forget. Lodging is available.

Freeport Flounder Gigging

Flounder gigging is a Texas tradition that lets you experience the best of night time fishing and hunting. During these night expeditions, you’ll stalk the bay floor from a flounder gigging boat with halogen and led lighting for the optimum gigging experience. Using these powerful lights, you’ll illuminate the bay floor hunting for the flounder that have seamlessly blended into their surroundings waiting to ambush their prey of mullet, shrimp or other small prey as they swim past.

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