Things to do in Freeport, Texas

The Texas Gulf Coast has many well know, great vacation destinations.  Two of the more popular are Galveston Island and Port Aransas.  One of the most overlooked Texas Gulf Coast Vacation destinations is Freeport, Texas.  With miles of beautiful beaches, vacation rentals, cabins, RV Parks, Fishing Lodge, Museums, assortment of hotels, and some world-famous restaurants – Freeport, Texas is likely the most kept secret vacation destination on the Gulf Coast.  Miles of drivable beaches by automobile, jeep, bike, or golf cart (rentals are available at a very affordable price) – a day at the beach is only one of the great things to do in Freeport, Texas.

Fishing in Freeport, Texas

Yes, of course one of our favorite things to do in Freeport, Texas is…yes, you guessed it – Fishing. With miles and miles of back lake shore lines, marshes, the Intracoastal Water Way, and quick access to the deep blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico – Fishing in Freeport, Texas is one of the top things to do while visiting Freeport.  Shallow back lakes and bayous offer refuge and are vital nurseries to the marine life, and are great areas to fish where sea sickness is never an issue.  These are also the same areas for our night time Flounder Gigging.  Red Fish, Flounder, Speckled Trout, Drum, Sheepshead, Croaker, Blue Crabs and more call the back lakes and marshes of Freeport home.  Our Freeport Fishing Guides have been fishing these back lakes their entire lives.  No matter your skill a level or knowledge of fishing, our Freeport Fishing Guides have a trip tailored for you.  Another type of fishing, and likely the most popular for Fishing in Freeport, Texas is Deep Sea Fishing.  Quick access to deep water render shorter boat rides to the fishing areas, and more fishing time.  Red Snapper, Mahi, Cobia, King Mackerel, Shark, Grouper, Wahoo, and more thrive in these waters.  Seasons reflect what we target, and our Freeport Fishing Guides know when to target the various species.

Sea Center Texas

Sea Center Texas is a marine aquarium, fish hatchery and education center located on 75 acres in Lake Jackson, Texas. It is operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in partnership with the Coastal Conservation Association, The Dow Chemical Company and US Fish and Wildlife Service Sportfish Restoration Funds. The facility opened in 1996 and includes a visitor center with aquaria and exhibits of Texas marine life, the largest redfish hatchery in the world, 36 one-acre fish culture ponds, an outdoor wetland exhibit and a youth fishing pond. No food is available for sale at the facility. Picnic areas for large groups are located nearby at McLean Park. The facility is handicap accessible. Binoculars, a wheelchair, and walker are available for use on a first-come first-serve basis.

Crabbing in Freeport

Another great thing to do in Freeport is spend an afternoon or morning on one of the public piers that are great for crabbing.  Very simple to do (anyone 17 or over must have at least a one day fishing license $11) crab line, a pkg of chicken necks from the store, and a dip net – and you will have everything you need to fill up a 5 gallon bucket with some beautiful blue crabs.  This is such a great activity to do with kids, and success is very high.  After you  catch enough crabs for a crab boil or even the grill – you will be set for a great meal.

Surfside Beach

With miles of beautiful sandy shore lines – a day at Surfside Beach is definitely on the list of Things to Do in Freeport, Texas.  With a vehicle friendly side, and a pedestrian only side of the beach – you will definitely find your beach.   Fly a kite, sit under an umbrella, make a sand castle or surf the waves – Surfside Beach is a day well spent.

There are so many wonderful things to do in Freeport.  The list could go on and on.  Give us a call, and our Freeport Fishing Guides will direct you in the right direction for a wonderful vacation get away in Freeport, Texas.  409-739-8526