Written by Captain Greg Verm

Current Water Temps

San Luis Pass:  66.2 F

USCG Station Freeport:  Unavailable

Freeport Jetty:  69 F

Sargent:  66 F

March is here, and so far it is showing good signs of great things.  This past week, the winds kept us tucked in the back lakes and marshes.  Yesterday was one of those windy March days, and we found redfish stacked on the wind blown banks.  Many times on windy days, these shorelines hold lots of redfish.  The bait fish get pushed up on these banks from the winds, and the redfish will cruise these areas searching an easy meal.  Also, in the back lakes of Freeport we are seeing good signs of Bay Snapper, aka sheepshead.  These tasty fish like to hang around any oyster reefs in the area, and will eat a live shrimp under a popping cord.

On the calmer days of March, when Mother Nature lets us venture to the open water of the jetties, beachfront or the San Luis Pass our Freeport Texas Fishing Guides will target these areas for spawning sheepshead, speckled trout, redfish, and black drum.  These trips are action packed, and great for visitors during Freeport or Galveston Spring Break.  Not only will we target the great eating fish such as specks, reds, and bay snapper – we will also bring our big game tackle along and target the Giant Black Drum in 25 to 35 foot of water.  These fish are spawning right now, and are great fun to catch.  All of these fish are catch and release only.

If you are looking for a getaway for your family or group of friends – give us a call.  We have a trip that will be great for you and with Spring Break right around the corner, a Freeport or  Galveston Fishing Trip is second to none.  We are very versatile and have areas that we can fish even on the windy days of March.  We also have lodging at Bay’s Landing just over the San Luis Pass Bridge where our boats can pick you up from your dock for a fun day of fishing.  Give Captain Greg a call if you have any questions, or would like to book your next Freeport Texas Fishing Trip.  Also, easy online booking here.