Duck Hunting

Our Texas Gulf Coast is so well known for it’s excellent fishing, that the amazing waterfowl hunting is too often over looked.  Freeport Texas Fishing Charters has teamed up with Texas Gulf Coast Outfitters to outfit hunting and fishing on the pristine bays and marshes of the Texas upper coast.  Offering Duck HuntsBlast and Cast Packages, Blast and Flounder Gigging Packages, we have you covered for any Fall Time adventure you may desire that our Texas Gulf Coast offers.

Our Duck Hunting Guides are native to the waters of Brazoria and Galveston Counties and has spent their entire lives hunting, fishing and flounder gigging these shallow bays.

Only a short drive from Houston can have you tucked down in a pre-scouted location in a spread of decoys watching the sun rise, and birds on the horizon.  We provide two types of hunts.  Bay Hunts or Marsh Hunts.  Bay Hunts will see a large spread of decoys, and easier access – less stomping thru mud to get to hunting grounds.  Marsh Hunts are much more work, as far as getting to the areas – but can be rewarding as well.  Trained Dogs are always provided on both hunts.  We also offer Lodging and Meals.

Targeted Birds



Green Wing Teal

Canvas Back


Shovelers (Spoonys)




Golden Eye

Galveston Duck Hunting


Pricing is based on 3 person minimum, and can accommodate up to 8 (Parties of six or more – 10% discount for lodging and meal packages only)

$200 per person per day hunt only (morning or afternoon hunt)

$275 per person with lodging (if available)

$325 per person with lodging and meals

(Bird Processing and Gratuities not included)

Blast & Cast Adventures

$400 per person per day

$475 per person per day with lodging (if available)

$525 per person per day with lodging and meals

Blast and Flounder Gig Adventures (Available September 9-24 & Dec 9 -January 28)

Two Nights Lodging Included

$525 per person per day (no meals)

$575 per person per day with all meals included.

Texas Duck Hunts


2017-2018 Season

Teal – September 9 thru 24

Youth Only – October 28 & 29

Regular Season – November 4 thru 26 and December 9 thru January 28

Call 409-739-8526 for Booking